What does The News Spy offer?

New crypto trading platforms are coming to the market every day, all of them want to attract the attention of investors. Meanwhile, thousands of cryptocurrencies established themselves on this market, the choice and opportunities are therefore very large for investors.
Due to the many trading options, it is possible for traders to optimise returns in the long term and thus achieve the best results. As a newbie, you might be wondering if these crypto bots are reliable.
The News Spy is by far one of the leading bots on the market, repeatedly making positive headlines. That’s why we would like to introduce you to how The News Spy works and what difference it can make for you as an investor.

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What does The News Spy offer?

The News Spy is a software from https://www.frau-margarete.de/en/the-news-spy-review/ with very advanced algorithms, it analyses data from millions of financial sources worldwide. The trading robot makes decisions fully automatically, without any human influence. Trades are therefore executed purely mathematically and rationally.

Features & Functionality

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Who is behind The News Spy?

The development team is made up of software specialists, fintech and financial experts. So the bot was developed by people who have applied their expertise in technology and finance. The News Spy uses the advantages of both industries and therefore offers investors a very modern platform.

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Customer testimonials about The News Spy

When I started trading and funded my account with $250, I could see very quickly that the bot works very efficiently. My trading account had already grown to over 600 dollars on the second day. It gives me great pleasure to work with this software and to achieve a high return.

All advantages and disadvantages


High transparency: there are no hidden fees or commissions with The News Spy.
Automated trading: The bot works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Various deposit methods: It is possible to deposit via VISA, Mastercard, or bank transfer.
Fast and easy withdrawals: There are no restrictions on withdrawals.
Free demo account: You can use the demo account completely free of charge to familiarise yourself with the functions.


The News Spy is unfortunately not available in all countries!

Is The News Spy regulated?

Our test shows that the bot of The News Spy works reliably. The references from various customers show that the platform offers a reputable service. In addition, regulated brokers work closely together in a network with The News Spy. After registration and use, you will be connected with these brokers via the platform.

How The News Spy works

The service includes the creation and provision of trading information, all investors can use this for their buying and selling decisions. The News Spy can quickly access vast amounts of important information, making it very effective at putting this knowledge into action. The human ability to process data is much slower compared to the software.

What is the best way to use The News Spy?

You can start trading with the minimum deposit of $250. You should gradually increase this and adjust it according to your experience. Thanks to the automated bot, you don’t have to spend more than half an hour a day. Simply set your preferences and then let the bot trade for you automatically. The software follows market updates and news fully automatically and executes profitable trades on your behalf.

The bottom line on The News Spy

For the majority of investors, The News Spy seems to be a very profitable bot for cryptocurrencies. The cutting-edge technology and trading functionality, allows users to gain timely insights into the market. These features have been proven to increase returns when trading. Beginners can benefit greatly from the ease of trading with this bot and experienced investors can use The News Spy as a tool to further improve the success of their current trading strategy.
The bot thus automatically detects the changes in the market situation and thus increases the returns for investors. In addition, the customer service is highly appreciated by investors and this is regularly rated very well.
The The News Spy platform can therefore be highly recommended and offers traders a great opportunity!